Two friends with a common passion decide to share this with other women hence: She~She
Jan began her career in retail with a passion in classic style patterned after her mother.  She
poured over magazines like Vogue and Bazaar with excitement of the latest fashion forward
trends. Since then she has perfected her own style while staying current!  Her retail background
coupled with her drive to inspire others is a combination that she hopes will provide others with
the know how to become the best You!

Jan and I share the formidable years by watching our mothers pull together their polished looks
and became inspired early on. Suffice it to say we are similar in passion for fashion but represent
our own style and we look forward to catering to all styles. Rose has been in the fashion business
for +28 years and was a Home Fashion buyer for 6 of those years. I met Jan 29 years ago and we became friends right off. It wasn’t until our kids were grown, that we concluded that we needed to do more with this hobby of ours. So, after a few years of discussion, we finally arrived at the idea. She~She on Main Consignment for Women and Home Fashion.