Julie Bergeman (a.k.a. Mary Lou Wreck'em)

Julia Bergeman (also known as Mary Lou Wreck’em) is the President of NOVA Roller Derby, Northern Virginia’s flat track roller derby league. When most people think of roller derby, they think of the theatrical sports entertainment of the 1970s version. Modern day roller derby is a true sport, focused on athletics, with standard rules to promote competitive play and prevent injury. Julia joined NOVA Roller Derby the year it was founded along with seven other skaters in 2011. Since then, she has led the organization by serving as president for two terms and philanthropy coordinator for four terms. She helped guide the organization as it grew and matured from seven women skating on a public concrete hockey rink to a 501c3 non-profit public charity with a board of directors and approximately 100 league members (including skaters, referees, non-skating officials, and volunteers). One of the aspects of NOVA Roller Derby that separates it from other roller derby leagues and adult sports organizations in general is its charitable mission, which focuses on supporting organizations that have an immediate local impact. Over the last four years, NOVA Roller Derby has supported more than 50 local charitable efforts with donations of goods, money, and time. As the league’s president and philanthropy coordinator, Julia has forged strong bonds with Loudoun and Fairfax County charitable organization leaders that have enabled NOVA Roller Derby skaters to give back to their community in consistent and meaningful ways. Off the roller derby track, Julia is the Director of Human Resources for a small defense contractor in Fairfax, VA, and spends a lot of her free time getting to know people, building relationships, networking, and helping to improve personal and professional situations by helping with interview preparedness, job placement, and career counseling and advancement. She also volunteers for several different efforts in Loudoun County Schools. Julia really enjoys the various ways she’s able to give back to the community and serve others. As long as you don’t get between her and a dessert with chocolate and peanut butter, you can count her in to skate hard and give back. Julia and her husband, Tom, reside in Paeonian Springs, VA, with their two children and pet lizard.