Danielle Renken, Strategy Revolution

Growing up, Danielle Renken was raised in a home in Western Massachusetts that was part of the Underground Railroad. She and her friends would sliver under the crawlspace and stand up inside a column that had once hidden slaves. Through her personal childhood she understood and appreciated the great risk that people took to help others and wanted to make a difference.On 9/11 she, like all of us, cried as she watched the towers fall and realized that she has friends and family in the city.

As a young adult, she watched her brother-in-law and brother and members of her family as they sacrificed as first responders. She moved toward first responders and helping them through both her business and her personal community involvement. She is compelled each day to do for others. Danielle has devoted her life to small businesses and to giving back to her neighbors and community. She then founded "The Pursuit of Happiness" in 2009 to create a tactical force where clients would receive day to day help to implement changes, reach goals and succeed. Danielle wanted to even the playing field between big box stores and small businesses.

“The Pursuit of Happiness” was later rebranded as “Strategy Revolution" in 2014. 

Danielle believed in success of small business so much that there was no other option than downtown Leesburg, a mecca of small business. A “King Street” office was the only choice to continue her advocacy of them. Strategy Revolution, the "knight in shining armor" for small business is the brainchild of Danielle and her way to stand up for small business in Loudoun County. She is the ultimate champion of both Small Business and community.